• “ESU Finance” LLC gives priority to the confidentiality of personal information of customers registered in the “ESU Finance” mobile application (hereinafter referred to as “ESU Finance”), and ensures the integrity of all communications. The Privacy Policy sets out the privacy and terms of use of your account information registered with ESU Finance.
  • Information entered into ESU Finance will be stored securely in our database. We will only use your information to contact you, update future services and provide information.
  • If the client, prior to registering with ESU Finance, has fully read and agreed to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy with the collection and processing of personal information, it is considered that the permission was granted to the data controller electronically.
  • The respondent collects and processes the following information in order to identify the customer and confirm the loan application. These include:
    • Customer’s mobile phone number and registration number used to register with ESU Finance.
    • For customer confirmation, a password will be sent to the registered mobile number and an account will be created by entering the password in ESU Finance.
    • Name, surname, registration number, telephone number, home address, business information and financial information provided by the ESU Finance client to participate in the online lending service.
    • Customer’s online loan obtained through ESU Finance and details of its repayment.
    • Respondents are not permitted to collect, process, or store personal information other than as set out in this policy.
  • The client cannot change personal information such as phone number, name and registration number after signing the contract. If a customer changes their phone number, he/she will submit a phone number change request through ESU Finance and the customer’s request will be resolved within 24 hours.
  • If the client does not sign the loan agreement within 2 months after registration with ESU Finance, the client’s information will be kept for the period specified in the Law on Archives and Records Management.
  • If the client asks to cancel the account at their own request, information other than the phone number and registration number of the client will be deleted, as the client will not be able to re-register with ESU Finance
  • In the event that changes and additions are made to the current Privacy Policy at the time of registration and conclusion of the contract, the amended Privacy Policy will be considered valid

With the help of the Esu Finance application, you will be able to solve your financial problems in a timely manner.

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