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Esu Finance offers more flexible terms without collateral.

What is <br> Esu Finance?
What is <br> Esu Finance?

What is
Esu Finance?

Esu Finance is a loan service that can be used on more flexible terms without requiring collateral.

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Terms of Service

One of many ways to help you with your financial problems


Loan amount

Depending on your information, the loan amount will be from MNT 100,000 to MNT 200,000 for the first time. It will increase every month depending on your consumption.                                                       •    Maximum limit - 100.000 MNT                    •    Maximum limit - 2.000.000 MNT

Loan term

•   Up to 60, 90 days.

Loan interest

Rate on the loan 2.5% /1 month/. By collecting 6 gifts, you can reduce the interest rate on the loan by 1%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common user issues. Did you know about it ?

You can install the Esu Finance app on your mobile phone, register your number and answer the necessary questions.

Citizen of Mongolia, adult, with full legal capacity.

Come and sign the contract with your ID and a certificate from the Electronic Automotive Quick Service Committee. If you want to get a loan for a large amount /up to 200,000 MNT/, you need to provide an insurance premium, an account statement and a job description.

Loan amount - 100.000 - 2.000.000 MNT/                                                       Loan interest rate: 2.5% / per month /                                                              Loan service fee: MNT 1000 will be deducted regardless of the loan amount.                                                                                                                        Loan repayment period: up to 90 days / Note: the client can use it for 1 day at his own request, in which case he will pay 0.083% interest rate for one day. In addition, if the customer repays the loan after using it for 90 days, in addition to the 3-month interest rate of 7.5%, the loan maintenance fee of MNT 1,000 will be paid once every three months.

When concluding the contract, come to our office with the necessary documents and sign the contract once, you can get a loan for 2 years.


About our program

With the Esu Finance app, we enable you to solve your financial problems in a timely manner.

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Esu Finance

How to download the app now 

You can get a loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the Esu Finance app by signing a loan agreement once.

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